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"Comparing our process before and after Workflow, we've identified an improvement of 83% in our reviewing time."

"Getting the entire organization to start using Workflow is our priority. This project helped us change the company's content culture with automations and more productivity."

"It makes it possible to track ideas and give feedback to team members when their suggestions are put in practice."

Ana Sordo

Team Manager, Awareness and Acquisition Marketing at Hubspot

Head-Content Ops International and Digital at Zee5

Vaishali Kasturia

Juliana GuimarĂ£es

Digital Marketing Analyst at Roche

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Social Media and Blog Integrations

Automate your posts across blog and social to maximize content impressions, engagement and traffic. 

Schedule posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Wordpress. Manage your content to reach your company's goals, boost brand awareness and authority, get more traffic, leads, and revenue with content.

  • Posts Social Chain
  • Posting on multiple accounts
Schedule posts on Twitter on Workflow Content Marketing Platform
Schedule posts on Facebook Workflow Content Marketing Platform
Schedule posts on LinkedIn Workflow Content Marketing Platform
Schedule posts on Instagram Workflow Content Marketing Platform
Schedule posts on Wordpress Workflow Content Marketing Platform
Workflow Content Marketing Platform

Editorial Calendar

A visual representation of your scheduled posts can be viewed and edited in an intuitive drag-and-drop content calendar. 

  • Drag a finished post do a different day to reschedule. 
  • Set day and time for auto posting.

Collaborate with your team members to create engaging content to fuel product pages, as well as your social and blog. Our Software has a build-in content editor where you can add copy and images to your posts, consult the briefing and the steps for approval.

  • Compare versions side-by-side
  • Check briefings, tasks and approval steps on the same page.
  • Live SEO Checklist
  • Cutomizible templates you can replicate 

Full Content Editor

Content Editor

Page Rank Tracking

Place your content on Google's fist positions with our SEO Page Ranker. Check your pages position for any keyword, and monitor the evolution over time. Get actionable insights on how to improve the position of your existing pages.

  • Weekly measurements
  • Ranking over time
  • Broken links heads up
  • Page speed diagnosis
  • Mobile Speed
  • Technical Issues
  • SEO Reporting

Get AI - Fueled Insights on Your Traffic

Acquisition Channel Anomaly

Pageviews from an email campaign spiked on June 29, 2020

Why it caught my attention?

On June 29, 2020, your website had 2465 pageviews with visitors coming from email campaign. It was higher than the expected value of 1272.

Medium Anomaly

Pageviews coming from the medium organic spiked

Why it caught my attention?

On June 29, 2020, your website had 4709 pageviews with visitors coming from the medium organic. It was higher than the expected value of 3564.

Pageviews Anomaly

Pageviews at Foundation spiked on June 29, 2020

Why it caught my attention?

On June 29, 2020, your website had 2654 pageviews with visitors coming from Instagram. It was higher than the expected value of 872.





Liv-up: Content that delivers healthy meals 

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Meal Delivery

How Nasty Gal is Killing It at E-Commerce  and how they did it.

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How Portobelo created a content operation  involving multiple blogs and a team o freelancers.

Home Apparel

No cards required.

Create separate projects for your different brands/categories.  Set different personas and goals for each of them.

Centralize Your Content Marketing 

What else can you do with Worflow?

Increase Productivity

Automate tasks and centralize communications for up to 83% shorter approval times and up to 478% more content output.

Report Expenses

Draft quick reports on how your budget has been used to create a your content.

Scale Production

Find and contact certified professionals to outsource production. Filter by language, qualifications, and speciality.

Voted by users in G2 as the easiest to use, setup, and do business with.

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Manage Multiple Brands

Create optimized content with a live SEO Checklist. Monitor the position of your pages in Google for your desired keywords and celebrate as your organic ranking improves.

Increase Organic Traffic

Create custom templates for your product pages so you can create and approve SKU descriptions and images with the fields you need, and replicate as new products enter your portfolio.


Product Page Templates