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Create a strategy, track KPIs, and manage ideas, sprints, and learnings for multiple businesses.

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Grow with an Experimentation Culture

Experiments by GrowthHackers is the tool that allows the mentorship of several startups under one tool. Create a workspace for each incubated company where you can plan the strategy, track KPIs, gather ideas, share learnings, report on progress. Experiments has all the steps for the growth methodology, allowing accelerators and agencies to standardize reporting and processes across the portfolio, with the flexibility to respect each startup's needs and objectives.

Upsell and cross sell 

Over 3,000 customers grow with Experiments

“First it [Experiments] will help consolidate all the experimentation in one place and it gives all the cross-functional teams a great way to contribute to the ideas."

"The Growth Mindset had made us evolve: clear processes, structures growth levers, and decisions based on data. We now have better reporting, it's easier to show a problem or an opportunity.  It's been great for sharing ideas, results, and processes between companies. All  aspects of our service quality have improved."

“I think Experiments is a fantastic tool that I've used personally. It gets my strong endorsement and recommendation”

Nancy Hensley

Chief Digital Officer at Stats Perform

Head of Growth at La_Briquerie

Pierre Levi

Andy Boyd

Program Director, Product Management at IBM

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Help Multiple Teams Structure Growth

A concise growth strategy goes beyond testing metrics, also encompassing business and product KPI, allowing the accelerator to centralize the key indicators for each mentored company under one tool. 

Help startups build an ongoing process and culture of testing ideas. With Experiments, you can invite team members to suggest ideas to fulfill an objective, or import ideas from other sources. 

The results of experiments, tests, and analyses are on the top deliveries of a growth team. Managing this resource and making it available company-wide doesn't have to be painful. Make sure information is preserved, is retained, and is used by key-players.

Clients and mentored startups can easily reach out with the @TAG feature, allowing for automatic email notifications when a person is mentioned in an idea card, or assigned with an experiment or task.

With a direct connection with business KPI and automatic report creation, the meetings feature allows teams to zoom in and out of their operations, making sure the weekly routine is on track but also the direction matches the goals they must achieve on a certain period.

Metrics Dashboard

  • North Star Metric;
  • Objectives (KPIs);
  • Ideas;
  • Growth Health;
  • Team stats;
  • Easy reporting.


  • Collect ideas to reach your objectives;
  • Link ideas to growth levers;
  • Create an idea database you can filter and nominate;
  • Import ideas from other sources;
  • Link them to  behavioral data  ou A/B testing tools.

Centralize Communication

Growth Meetings / Sprints

Knowledge Base / Learnings

  • Share the results of your tests;
  • Find tests performed in the past by filtering by growth lever, objectives, and tags;
  • Zoom integration;
  • Update metrics;
  • Share learnings;
  • Pitch ideas;
  • Organize Sprint and activities;
  • Share report with KPI updates, the status of ideas, and learnings acquired.
  • @Tag a member;
  • Email Notifications;
  • Assing cards or tasks to someone;
  • Receive updates on ideas you were assigned to or follow.
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Set up a clear strategy for each startup. Document and track a North Star Metric (NSM, OTM, or OM) and set the objectives that define the best way to reach it. Let mentors and clients know where you are planning to go, with clear objectives to get there. These will guide all ideas the team will bring forward to be tested and validated.

  • North Star Metric
  • Objectives
  • KPIs

Strategy Planning

Multiple Customizable Workspaces

Create a separate workspace for each mentored company, with its very own strategy, KPI dashboards, idea backlog, learning center, and growth health indicators. Respect the stage of development of each project, and have the freedom to focus on the growth lever each needs the most.

  • Manage multiple organizations;
  • Invite participants for each project;
  • Customize Metrics, goals, dashboards, and frameworks.
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La Briqueterie Growth Study

Learn how this French startup accelerator has managed to implement a growth hacking process in multiple startups, while tracking goals and respecting each company's needs.


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