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Over this quick 3 minutes presentation, Andy Boyd, one of the first growth hires at IBM shows how he and his team used Experiments as their growth platform to scale their experimentation machine from:

  • 3 members to +200
  • 2 tests/week to +100 tests/week
  • 1 product to +10 products

All while maintaining default management and reporting process across the board for all teams and never losing track of their progress.

Experimentation, Growth, Innovation, Optimization, Agile Testing

Regardless of how you call your growth program, it always comes down to Ideation > Prioritization > Testing > Analysis.

 Experiments by GrowthHackers is the tool that adapts to your process, allowing teams to centralize their whole experimentation operation under the same umbrella, facilitating reports, experiment tracking, knowledge-sharing, and cross-collaboration with other departments and tools.

Create an idea backlog, prioritize, run tests, and track results

Upsell and cross sell 

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Andy Boyd, product leader at IBM reviews Experiments.

Our Customer's Growth Studies

Over 3,000 customers grow with Experiments

“First it [Experiments] will help consolidate all the experimentation in one place and it gives all the cross-functional teams a great way to contribute to the ideas."

“It’s fairly simple: If you don’t test, you can’t learn. And that means learning about your organization and its systems and processes, your users, your products, and the abundance of explosive opportunities." 

“I think Experiments is a fantastic tool that I've used personally. It gets my strong endorsement and recommendation”

Nancy Hensley

Chief Digital Officer at Stats Perform

Vice President of Growth at Orange Pegs

Jason Barbato

Andy Boyd

Program Director, Product Management at IBM

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Manage Your Entire Growth Operation

A concise growth strategy goes beyond testing metrics, also encompassing business and product KPI, allowing the growth team not only to focus on the right opportunities but also to make sure their efforts are well aligned with business expectations and company KPIs.

Regardless of how you create your idea backlog: from company members, from your help-center tickets, from blog-readers, from your roadmap, from heat-maps or others. Experiments helps you centralize, categorize and classify them all under one central space.

To break down silos, navigate across different departments, conquer company-wide understanding and collaboration, growth teams need a system that is accessible to all levels with its respective restrictions without fearing any loss or share of sensitive information.

Running A/B tests, deploying tests on front-end, on the back-end, running behavioral analysis, optimizing a transactional flow, etc - we plug Experiments into your tech-stack and automatically pull data and results out of your experiments into your workspace.

The results of experiments, tests, and analyses are on the top deliveries of a growth team. Managing this resource and making it available company-wide doesn't have to be painful. Make sure information is preserved, is retained, and is used by key-players.

For when the product team is using JIRA, the sales team is using Asana, the marketing team is using Trello and you need collaboration from them all to execute your tests - Experiments natively integrates with external tools allowing information to flow smoothly across siloes.

Find the right test for your goals by using our multi-criteria filter selection, with several options of prioritization frameworks .including ranking ideas by ICE (impact, Confidence, Ease), by PIE (Priority, Impact, Ease), by Growth Lever (AARRR), by Objective, By Tag, By Name, and a lot more.

With a direct connection with business KPI and automatic report creation, the meetings feature allows teams to zoom in and out of their operations, making sure the weekly routine is on track but also the direction matches the goals they must achieve on a certain period.

Metrics Dashboard

  • North Star Metric;
  • Objectives (KPIs);
  • Ideas;
  • Growth Health;
  • Team stats;
  • Easy reporting.

Single-sign-on (SSO)


  • Collect ideas to reach your objectives;
  • Link ideas to growth levers;
  • Create an idea database you can filter and nominate;
  • Import ideas from other sources;
  • Link them to your behavioral data,  and A/B testing tools.

Push Integrations

Pull Integrations


Growth Meetings / Sprints

Knowledge Base / Learnings

  • Share the results of your tests;
  • Find tests performed in the past by filtering by growth lever, objectives, and tags;
  • Zoom integration;
  • Update metrics;
  • Share learnings;
  • Pitch ideas;
  • Organize Sprint and activities;
  • Share report with KPI updates, the status of ideas, and learnings acquired.
  • ICE ( Impact, Confidence, Ease);
  • PIE (Priority, Impact, Ease);
  • Growth Lever (AARRR funnel);
  • Objectives
  • Tags;
  • SSO
  • 2FA
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