Validating Ideas with an Agile Experimentation Framework

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How will Experiments help you?

Experiments will provide your growth team a sprint organization framework so, at any point in time, you can see precisely where your tests are at and what your team is currently focusing on.
Every test has an incoming and outcoming integration, every test has a starting and ending date, every test has their subtasks, due date and assignee, every test is positioned in the right column - every test is moving the needle in the right direction at the right point in time.

Keep track of all of your experiments

Which growth lever is it connected to? Which stage of the process is it at? Who is responsible for it? When did it get approved? What is the hypothesis and the expected outcomes?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Experiments?

Experiments is a software designed for Growth Teams to plan, execute, and measure the tests they run to impact certain company KPIs they believe are at the core of driving their company's growth at any given time. It was developed by GrowthHackers and Sean Ellis, who coined the term Growth Hacking in 2010. With Experiments, everyone in your team can suggest ideas to be tested that are directly linked to the objectives set by the growth team. Teams can move across projects and share results of their findings, all in one place, allowing for more ideas to be tested and validated in a high-velocity ongoing process.

Who is Experiments for?

Experiments was designed for companies of any size that have reached product-market fit and want to grow their business. It can be useful for businesses in nearly every vertical. The + 3000 teams that use Experiments range from mobile apps, fintechs, SaaS, e-commerce, to energy, construction, manufacturing, consulting, and many others.

For how long can a try Experiments for free?

Once you sign up for a trial, you have 2 weeks to use the platform, in full.

What our costumers have to say about Experiments

“It’s fairly simple: If you don’t test, you can’t learn. And that means learning about your organization and its systems and processes, your users, your products, and the abundance of explosive opportunities that might be right there in front of you if you only took the time to collect and analyze the right data, ideate, hypothesize, and execute."

Jason Barbato, Vice President of Growth

Nancy Hensley, Chief Digital Officer

“First it [Experiments] will help consolidate all the experimentation in one place and it gives all the cross-functional teams a great way to contribute to the ideas. Now that everyone truly values experimentation all the way up to the Senior Leadership team, we needed to get more organized. I also think this will help to make everyone feel more empowered to participate and collaborate on growth."

Centralize your testing operation 

Sometimes a testing idea will require the efforts and collaboration of multiple team players. We allow you to create all subtasks related to that test, assign it to someone, set a deadline and let it roll!

Connect your test with the right KPI or variant and automatically gather the results of your tests through our native integrations. You can then focus on the analysis of the results, instead of data gathering.

Create the hypothesis you are trying to validate through your test and make sure you cross-reference the result of your experiment with your initial expectations, to validate ideas you can scale, or relocate resources to more fruitful projects,

Preparing: Fine Tune Test Details

Results: All data ready to analize

Hypothesis: What you hope to achieve

Growth teams should be running tests and experiments all over the growth funnel - in the CRM, in the ERP, in the product itself, in your marketing automation hub, on social media, on a corporate event, on paid media channels, etc - and keeping track of them all doesn't have to be a pain. Experiments Software is the layer upon all of your tests, making sure you have the right team in place, the right metrics are chosen, the right starting and ending date, the right sub-tasks - allowing you to focus on the highest-impact opportunities and nevet miss a deadline again.

Framework: Tests that fit the bigger picture

Easily allocate resources based on the stages your tests are in. An easy drag-and-drop column for all of your tests will let you see - and move- ideas from your backlog to your sprint and then to your knowledge base

Why you need an Agile Experimentation Framework

Being agile on validating ideas can make the difference in getting there before your competitors, and save you from wasting resources in ideas that don't bring in results. The only way to know for sure which usability fixes will bring your usage matrics up, or what acquisition channels bring you the best-qualified leads for a lower cost, or what changes in a page's layout will drive your conversion rates up, is by testing ideas in the real world. Growth teams get involved in a myriad of experiments, constantly testing ideas that might improve their key metrics. With such a broad scope, a clear framework is necessary to keep the process and the results of your team's experimentation process on track.

What else can you do with Experiments?

Define Objectives and KPIsCreate an Idea BacklogPrioritize and Nominate IdeasHave Growth Meetings
Share Progress and ReportsBuild a Knowledge BaseKeep Your Data SafeIntegrate to Automate
Document Your Strategy