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How will Experiments help you?

Experiments Software allows for any team member to suggest a new growth idea. They can do so by creating an idea card associated with a growth objective. The Idea Card will contain details about the idea, it's expected outcome, how will it's success be measured, and who is the person responsible for the project. It also has an ICE score system, to make prioritizing ideas easier. After the idea is tested, the results achieved are added to the card. The card then becomes part of your idea backlog, where anyone can filter ideas and be up to date with previous experiments.

Categorize your ideas based on multiple criteria

Relate your idea to an objective, suggest the hypothesis, add links, create descriptions, assign to team members, classify the easiness, the confidence, the impact, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Experiments?

Experiments is a software designed for Growth Teams to plan, execute, and measure the tests they run to impact certain company KPIs they believe are at the core of driving their company's growth at any given time. It was developed by GrowthHackers and Sean Ellis, who coined the term Growth Hacking in 2010. With Experiments, everyone in your team can suggest ideas to be tested that are directly linked to the objectives set by the growth team. Teams can move across projects and share results of their findings, all in one place, allowing for more ideas to be tested and validated in a high-velocity ongoing process.

Who is Experiments for?

Experiments was designed for companies of any size that have reached product-market fit and want to grow their business. It can be useful for businesses in nearly every vertical. The + 3000 teams that use Experiments range from mobile apps, fintechs, SaaS, e-commerce, to energy, construction, manufacturing, consulting, and many others.

For how long can a try Experiments for free?

Once you sign up for a trial, you have 2 weeks to use the platform, in full.

What our costumers have to say about Experiments

“It’s fairly simple: If you don’t test, you can’t learn. And that means learning about your organization and its systems and processes, your users, your products, and the abundance of explosive opportunities that might be right there in front of you if you only took the time to collect and analyze the right data, ideate, hypothesize, and execute."

Jason Barbato, Vice President of Growth

Nancy Hensley, Chief Digital Officer

“First it [Experiments] will help consolidate all the experimentation in one place and it gives all the cross-functional teams a great way to contribute to the ideas. Now that everyone truly values experimentation all the way up to the Senior Leadership team, we needed to get more organized. I also think this will help to make everyone feel more empowered to participate and collaborate on growth."

Track you Growth Ideas Performance

Knowing what worked in the past can subside good insights for new ideas to be tested in a different context. Get inspired by what the growth team has achieved in the past, and bring any new members to up to speed to bring in new and better ideas. Break the silos and get fresh ideas from different departments.

Save hours of research. Never again waste resources testing ideas that have been proved ineffective in the past. At the very least, always  learn what changes are necessary so tests won't fail for the same reasons.

A baklog of ideas is the easiest way to thack your growth team's success, and get the cooperation from other ares.  It will let you see how many ideas were tested for each objective, how many have suceeded, and what results were achieved. 

Bring Forward Better Ideas

Save Company Resources

Track the team's performace

Imagine you have a growth idea you need to quickly validate. More often then not, the information about any related past experiments similar to your idea is either mixed in someone's files or even lost with a team member who is no longer in the company.  Hence the importance of centralizing all the information about the ideas your growth team tests. It can save hours of research and will prevent you from wasting resources testing ideas that have been proven ineffective.  It can also be a great source of new ideas to adapt to future experiments in a different context.

Break the Silos

The idea that might move the needle for your business might be in the head of someone in the CX team, the sales team, or even finance or HR. By allowing everyone to feel empowered to contribute, you create an environment that fosters out-of-the box thinking.

What else can you do with Experiments?

Define Objectives and KPIsPrioritize and Nominate IdeasHave Growth MeetingsExecute Experiments
Share Progress and ReportsBuild a Knowledge BaseKeep Your Data SafeIntegrate to Automate
Document Your Strategy

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